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III. Diamond Tools & Supplies
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Chrome filling shovelFilling shovel Ultraviolet lamp
Filling shovel
GS 1799 Filling shovel chrome size : 65 x 100mm
GS 1800 Filling shovel chrome, Size 30 x 70mm (small)
ultraviolet lamp
GS 1801 ultraviolet lamp for checking quality of colored stones and diamonds and even currency notes
Diamond Tester Diamond sorting pad
Diamond Tester
GS 1801 A Diamond Tester
Diamond sorting pad
GS 1802 Diamond sorting pad 5.1/2" x 7.1/2" (No. 1)
with 12 sheets
GS 1803 Diamond Sorting pad 8" x 10" (No. 2)
with 12 sheets
GS 1804 Diamond sorting pad 10" x 12" (No. 3)
with 12 sheets
GS 1805 Diamond sorting pad 12" x 15" (No.4)
with 12 sheets
GS 1806 Diamond sorting pad 11" x 18" (No.5)
with 12 Sheets
Deluxe sorting pad Day light lamp
deluxe sorting pad
GS 1807 Deluxe sorting pad 11" x 17" with 72 sheets
GS 1808 Deluxe sorting pad 12" x 20" with 72 sheets
GS 1809 Deluxe sorting pad 17" x 22" with 72 sheets
Day light lamp
GS 1810 Day light lamp dove gray with 2 tubelights 15Watt, Flexible and adjustable to any position
Diamond poger  
Diamond poger
GS 1811 Diamond poger set of 12 in a plastic box,
Nos 1-12
GS 1812 Diamond poger loose set of 12 in a packet
GS 1813 Diamond Poger Plastic Box Only
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